Highlights of this edition:

– European Union: Closer than you thought! – by Judith Schilling, Publication Manager, European Commission Representation in UK.

– Invisible? Unintelligible? Pointless? Euro elections in historical perspective – by Juliet Lodge, Prof. of European Studies, University of Leeds.

– Harvard Conference on Networks in Political Science – by Francisco Seoane Pérez, JMECE Lab member.

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It is always important to remind that for the next academic year, 2008/2009, JMECE LAB will launch a series of events and initiatives under the project “Europe in my Eyes”. The project has related elements designed (under the academic guidance of the JMECE) to inform and encourage appreciation of the role of the European Parliament in stimulating and sustaining democratic accountability, vigilance and responsiveness in the EU for the benefit of citizens.

We have been awarded funding from the EU Commission Representation in London to run public engagement conferences and related activities on Europe, where we can collectively demonstrate our expertise at ‘Communicating Europe: Visions of the Present and Future” to different audiences (not only academics).

This is not a partisan pro (or anti)- Europe set of activities but rather one of dialogue around various images, ideas, hopes and perceptions of Europe now and in the future. Information about the project and related projects will be disseminated by the JMECELAB under the direction of our team and in consultation with academic staff as appropriate.

Please follow this link to download the complete 2nd newsletter:

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